About Us

Viegage Financial

It is an alternative lending company that specializes in flexible and affordable home financing solutions.

We Offer

Simple qualification and affordable residential real estate financing that replaces the mortgage. 

Our Mission

To deliver the most affordable home financing solutions to the world.

Our Vision

To ensure that everyone in the world has the opportunity to own real estate and prosper financially.

Meet The Team

Founded by a father-son team that across the generations has seen the boom and bust of the real estate market, watched the financial system reap profits, and participated in the emerging phenomenon of alternative lending, digital payment systems and decentralized finance. Having bought, sold and invested in various real estate over the years, and always being dependent on the bank’s restrictive lending rules and the limited availability of mortgage products, we knew there was a better way to do it. 


Dale Mather Executive Chairman
A seasoned entrepreneur, board member and executive officer, Dale brings the clarity of successful long term corporate strategies, and the wisdom of the financial system and the real estate market to our mission.
Kayle Mather CEO
A passionate designer, engineer and business development consultant, Kayle leads with exuberance and an innovative mindset to envision a new financial landscape.
team 1
Justin Khouw CFO
Justin's robust accounting and financial analysis skills offer the mission a creative approach to real estate development, investment analysis, and capital structuring
team 2
Tom Davidoff Advisor
A prudent and astute academic approach to all things real estate and economics, makes Tom a key player in formulating innovative research and development avenues that contribute to the long term success of our mission.
team 3
Jerry Tenge Advisor
A long history in the North American real estate sector, acquiring, developing and managing multiple mixed class REIT and REIF portfolios valued at $6 billion, allows Jerry to provide invaluable strategic insights to the organization.
team 4
Matt Bosrock Advisor
Matt's track record of pivotal company transformations, successful growth strategy execution and critical startup acceleration, cultivates efficient decision making and strong stakeholder relations for the team.
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Matthias Bos Bitcoin Cash Technology Lead
Matthias has made it his mission to bring more economic freedom to the world by integration old finance with new finance and educating communities around the world on the secure use of cryptocurrency.
Mauricio Caceres Marketing & Sales Lead
Mauricio excels in networking and team assembly, will always put the right people together in the right place at the right time.