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Focussed on delivering innovative home finance products to help home buyers qualify for affordable and flexible alternative lending services.

Viegage Financial offers the only invest-to-buy home financing program, the Viegage, a complete mortgage replacement that allows for home ownership in half the time.

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Invest-To-Own (TM) – a home finance program designed for less stringent qualification metrics, client home affordability, early home ownership and financial flexibility. We buy the home for you and you own it in trust with us. You still make a down payment and monthly payments, but instead of paying down a mortgage loan, your payments build equity credit and serve to earn you capital growth, provide you with regular dividends and enable eligable tax deducitble interest. We participate in your home financing plan with you so you can unlock your equity potential early and turn it into a working capital investment that offers significant savings and early home ownership.

Viegage (TM)(noun) /vi’ɡeɪdʒ/ – (“living”-“pledge”) – a home finance trust agreement utilized for the transfer of real property to a home beneficiary using collateralized trust equity from a pooled real estate investment portfolio; “Pay off your home quickly and affordably using a Viegage.”

Home Buyers & Home Owners

Our debt-free mortgage alternative home financing instrument makes early home ownership and financial freedom possible.

Home Builders & Developers

The Invest-to-Own program provides pre-sale security, liquidity, and greater equity returns for builders and developers.

Investors & Financiers

Our finance platform bridges the gap between private equity, real estate and blockchain. You can get involved through private investment, token sales, or traditional long-term capital underwriting programs.

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Viegage Token Invest Now

If you want Crypto assets to access private equity investing, or curious about our utility tokenization program that we are providing cash flow and liquidity for REIT Units and real estate equity, please contact us.

Viegage Token Invest Now

The Viegage Token (VTO) allows our early patrons to support our mission for modern decentralized home financing and provides everyone with access to an equal opportunity investment program.
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Invest-to-Own Home Financing

Our proprietary equity-in-trust home financing method enables buyers & owners to get easy qualification terms, fair market rates, capital & cash benefits, flexible access to ownership, flexible access to home equity, and early home ownership.

Invest-to-Own Home Financing

We treat every home buyer as an investor in our real estate investment trust and by putting the client first, they benefit from financial rewards generated over the short term, and early home ownership.
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